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The latest real estate and community insights for Georgetown and the surrounding Washington DC Metro area.

Moving-Up to a Luxury Home? Now’s the Time!

If your house no longer fits your needs and you are planning on buying a luxury home, now is a great time to do so!

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Annual DC Home Maintenance Checklist

If you’ve ever owned a home in the DC Metro Area before, you know that just like your vehicle needs regular maintenance like oil changes to run well—so does your home.

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Tips for Moving Into Your DC Metro Area Home

There’s no arguing that moving is a lot of work, but there are some easy ways to make the day goes smoothly.

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Tips for Moving Out of Your Sold Home

Here are some ways to make moving day go swimmingly.

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Common Homebuyer Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s face the facts: Buying a home in the DC Metro Area can be an amazing experience, but it can also be quite complicated.

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Keep Your Home Safe from Burglars When You’re on Vacation

Remember to safeguard your DC Metro Area home from potential burglars before you sip a frosty beverage on a sandy beach.

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Living Space

Here are a few simple tips for getting the most out of your humble abode:

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Quick Tips for Staging Your DC Area Metro Home

Staging your home is a proven strategy for speeding up the sales process in the DC Metro Area.

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Winter is a great time to sell...!

Winter offers exceptional opportunities for sellers, so don’t allow your home to hibernate.

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